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Compassion With Us Is A Tradition

Welcome to Acupuncture and Medical Center. We wish to take this opportunity to better acquaint you with our services. We offer the very best and latest technique in alternative health care methods for all your needs. Our top priority is you, your health and well being. We are a full service clinic offering consultation, examination, oriental medical diagnosis, specific acupuncture treatments, nutritional and herbal counseling, massage therapy, physio-therapy, and patient education.

At Acupuncture and Medical Center we understand the concerns and requirements of the modern medical consumer. We know that you are sophisticated and well informed, and we believe that you have a right to expect the highest degree of quality, and efficiency in health care for you and your family. We also recognize that each individual is unique. Thus we accept it as our obligation as medical professionals to offer a wide range of personally tailored service in order to accommodate all your health needs.